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The Hotel Dos Rios - UCL Core Laboratory

The sediments of the Ainsa Basin provide world-class rock outcrops and a natural laboratory in which to study ancient deep-marine sediments, the processes that led to their deposition, and the sedimentary environments in which they are found. Students and researchers come to Ainsa to learn about the composition of the sediments, the remains and tracks of life (both hard-bodied fossils and trace fossils, respectively) in what was a deep seaway connected to the opening North Atlantic Ocean (up to many hundreds of metres deep). They can also learn about the physical processes that led to the deposition of the sediments, the geometry of the deposits or beds, and the 3-D stacking patterns of the sediments, particularly the sandstones. Drilling and coring of the ancient deep-marine sedimentary rocks around Ainsa has produced superb core material that is used for research and teaching. As part of the research legacy this core is now back in Ainsa.

The Hotel Dos Rios - UCL Core Laboratory is a purpose built and permanent dedicated space that showcases sediment cores from wells that were drilled around Ainsa as part of a large dataset from the industry consortia-funded University College London (UCL) Ainsa Project (directed by Prof. Kevin Pickering), together with more recent geological mapping, sedimentary logging and sampling from outcrop and subsurface material. It is available for study free of charge for residents of the Hotel and Apartment Dos Rios . A charge is levied for non-residents.